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What Our Users Say

Moodfit has helped me to not only track my goals for maintaining my day and mental health but also revealed trends in my activities that have an effect on my well-being.  The app has the flexibility to track things that are unique to me and to my routine, something I particularly appreciate.  Continuous enhancements and an overall design that shows an understanding of what it’s like to live with depression or anxiety bring me back to Moodfit every day.

Jay Baruch

Silver City, NM

This app is life changing when you use it. There is an opportunity to do as little or as much as I want to do. You can record, utilize tools, read motivational/encouraging notifications if you choose to.

user Halfull44

iOS App Store

I love everything about this app. Simple to use but lots of customizing.


iOS App Store

This is an amazing app. I don't like journaling, so this is a quick, easy alternative way to record moods, sleeping habits, etc.


iOS App Store

Amazing in its simplicity; the developers have boiled things down to the core components of mood management. Easy-to-use intuitive interface. Personalize with individual parameters. All very well done and free. Thank you!


iOS App Store

It has great mindfulness meditations and a host of tools to improve mood throughout the day, as well as a great way to keep track of daily tasks and goals and reward yourself for a day well spent. I love this app!


iOS App Store

I struggle with depression and anxiety. This app has been a mood saver. I rarely write reviews, but if this app can help others like it is helping me it is important that others know about it. For example, when I entered my low mood today, it walked me through several actions that helped me to get a more positive mood. I'm grateful for this app.


iOS App Store

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Ways to Use Moodfit

Track Your Mood

The first step in improving your mood is increasing your awareness of your mood itself. Provide simple mood readings each day then see what patterns emerge. Was March really better than February?

Reminders Keep You on Message

A big part of a good mood is to reinforce positive messages and build new habits. Our Reminders tool helps you do this. We give you great default reminders like, "Just because you think it doesn't make it a fact." And you can customize them and even add your own.

Understand How Sleep & Exercise Affect You

Track key lifestyle variables like sleep and exercise that have been shown to affect mood. See the relationship between these variables and your mood. Do you feel better when you get to bed before 11pm? Let's find out!

Dispute Your Distorted Thoughts

CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) thought records provides you a tool to process, dispute and modify unwanted distorted thinking that leads to lower moods. Thinking about something that's bringing you down? This tool can help get you back on track quickly.

Practice Gratitude

Gratitude has been shown to change your brain so that you see more of the good in your life. Use our Gratitude tool to keep a journal of the good in each of your days.

Get Your Zen On

Mindfulness meditation has been shown to reduce the effects of stress, anxiety and depression. We teach you mindfulness and help you build up a practice and see its effect on your mood. It's not just for hippies!

Run Your Own Experiments

Track any custom variables of your choosing like walking the dog, stress with your partner or boss, or eating foods with gluten. See the relationship between these variables and your mood.

Understand Medications & Therapy

Everyone responds differently to mood-related medications. So you have to work with your doctor, try different medications and track their effects on your mood. And the same is true for psychotherapy. It's not always one-size-fits-all. We'll help you understand what's working best.

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Our Core Values

  • We believe that everyone needs some help with their mental health from time to time. You're definitely not alone.

  • We believe that good mental health truly matters. It can affect every aspect of our lives so it's important to work on.

  • We believe it's not a sign of weakness to work on your mental health. To the contrary, it's actually a sign of strength.

  • We believe there isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution to good mental health and that trying different tools and tracking their results is critical to understanding what works for you.

  • We believe there are many parallels between working toward physical fitness and mood fitness like putting in consistent effort and tracking your progress.

  • We believe in evidence and science and strive to bring you easy-to-use tools that embrace that science.

  • We believe in you and are here to provide you the best tools possible to shape up your mood. Let us know how we can help - contact us.