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  • How do I manage or check the status of my subscription?
    If you have a paid subscription to Moodfit Premium via the Apple or Google App Store, you can manage them as follows. For iOS devices, click here. For Android devices, click here. If you purchased a subscription to Moodfit Premium via the Moodfit website, such subscriptions do not automatically renew. So, there are no ongoing charges to worry about. If you don't have an active subscription to Moodfit Premium, then you are using the free features. To compare the free features to the Moodfit Premium features, click here.
  • How do I enter a program code for my account?
    If you have an existing Moodfit account, to enter a program code for your account, click here​. If you don't yet have a Moodfit account, to create an account and optionally use a program code, click here.
  • How do I passcode protect my account?
    Go to the Settings screen. There select the on/off toggle for "Passcode Protection." You can then enter a four digit passcode. Should you ever forget your passcode you'll need to sign out of the app and then sign back in using your email and password. You'll be given the sign out option if you enter the wrong passcode.
  • How do I delete my account and my data?
    Go to the Settings screen and click "Delete Account." This will erase all your data and delete your account. This can't be undone, so be careful.​ Or you can send a request and ask for your account to be deleted which will also delete your data. Note, this doesn't affect your subscription status so if you have a paid plan via iOS or Android, you need to also cancel it.
  • How do I get started using Moodfit?
    When you create your account we send you a message (on the Notices screen) called "Getting Started." This message and the others you receive contain detailed information about using Moodfit. The highlights of the "Getting Started" message are: - Select your Daily Goals. When you created your account you were given a default set. You can customize them any way you want including adding different goals, deleting goals, and rearranging them on screen - Select your Reminders. You were also given a default set of reminders. These show up on your Home screen and also as notifications. Moodfit provides many different reminder themes that you can choose from. You can also add your own custom reminders. For all the reminders you can decide what days and time they show up.
  • Can I enter mood or activities for past days?
    Yes. Entries you make are by default dated to the day and time when you click "Save." If you would like to set a different date just select the desired date. For mood and gratitude entries click "Select date" to expose the date selector. You can also change the date of entries you've already made in your History.
  • How do I restore the breathing reminder at the start of each day?
    To restore the breathing reminder or any tips, go to Settings and click "Restore Tips."
  • How can I restore tips on various screens?
    If you accidentally turn off tips on different screens, e.g. the savoring slide show of gratitude items after you save them, you can turn these back on by going to the Settings screen and selecting "Restore Tips."
  • How do I delete items?
    In general to delete items in Moodfit swipe left on the item. You'll then be asked to confirm. To delete past entries you have saved, go to your History screen.
  • How can I delete a custom activity that I created?
    To delete a custom activity that you created go to the Activities screen. Then swipe left on the entry you want to delete.
  • Can I use Moodfit on more than one device?
    Yes. To make sure you have the latest version of all your entries on a given device, click the "Reload" icon on the Home screen.
  • What devices does Moodfit run on?
    Moodfit works on iOS and Android devices. Some new Mac devices may also run iOS apps. While Moodfit may run on such Macs, some functionality may not fully work.
  • How can I manage my daily goals?
    On your Home Screen below your Daily Goals icons, click "Learn how to manage your Daily Goals." This will give you the latest information on how to add, delete and move your daily goals.
  • How do I update my Daily Goals if I forgot to enter items on a prior day?
    You can enter items for any prior day. To update your daily goals % for that day, go to the History screen and find the Daily Goals entry that you want to update. Select the "Reload" icon.
  • How do I create a Daily Goals entry in my history for a missing day?
    If for some reason you don't have a Daily Goals summary entry in your history for a given day (e.g. because you deleted it), you can force a Daily Goals summary entry to be created by adding an entry for that past day.
  • How do I edit an entry in my history?
    Go to the History screen. Most entries will have a ">" associated with them. Clicking such an entry will take you to the tool that created the entry. There you can edit the entry and re-save it.
  • How do I share or archive my history?
    Go to the History screen. Click the share icon. Select the date range that you want to share. Then select SMS, EMAIL or EXPORT CSV. Make sure that your history has loaded all the entries that you want to share. (Load more if needed.) Sharing your history can be useful when working with a therapist or coach.
  • How do I search my history?
    Go to the History screen. Click the search icon. You can then enter any search terms, e.g. "Gratitude" which would just show you entries in your history that included that term. There are also shortcuts associated with the search text box like "mood" and "cbt" to make it easy to quickly search for those terms. You can customize these shortcuts to quickly search for terms of interest to you.
  • How do I view all my entries?
    To view all the entries you've made in Moodfit, go to your History screen. Initially a subset of your entries may be available on your device. All your entries are kept safely our servers. If you want more to be available locally on your device, click "Load more" or "Load all."
  • What's the difference between a tool and an activity?
    Tools are items like keeping a mood or gratitude journal where you work on a task. Activities are where you track lifestyle variables like sleep, nutrition and exercise that you can compare to your mood to look for relationships.
  • What's the difference between an activity and custom activity?
    Moodfit comes with support for built in activities like sleep, nutrition and exercise. You can also add your own custom activities that you want to track and analyze, e.g. your water intake or interactions with a particular person. You can also add a simple activity anytime. A simple activity isn't one of the built-in activities or one of your custom activities. It's just a way for you to enter anything you're thinking, feeling or doing at a certain time in a freeform way. For each entry you can indicate its effect on your mood.
  • What is the Mood Effect feature?
    Many tools and activities have a "Mood Effect" parameter. This allows you to specify the effect this item had on your mood. For example, say you are saving a "Socializing" entry. You might enter in comments like, "Had lunch with friend Zoe at our usual place." You could then select a "Mood Effect" value such as "Positive". These "Mood Effect" entries then show up in your History and can also be analyzed on the Insights screen in the "Mood Effect" chart. This chart shows you the average mood effect of your different tools and activities to help you better understand what brings your mood up and down.
  • How do I keep a mood journal?
    Keeping a mood journal is a big first step in getting out of autopilot and becoming more aware of your emotions and what causes them. To read more about the Mood tool, click here.
  • How can I share my mood entries with my therapist?
    To share your mood entries with your therapist, coach, or anyone you choose: - Go to the History screen - Select the "mood" shortcut to only show mood entries - Select the "share" icon - Select the date range you want to share - Select the way you want to share - SMS, email or as a CSV file attached to an email Note, Moodfit will only share entries that are currently loaded onto your device. So if you want to go back further in time, load more entries on your device, then share. If you find that you only want to share some of your entries, one way to do this is to tag those entries when you make them. For example, say your therapist's name is Jane. In the Mood tool you could make a shortcut, "#shareWithJane" that you add to any entries you save that you know you will want to share with Jane. Then on the History screen you can enter in the search box "#shareWithJane" and you will see only those entries that you've tagged in this way. If this is something you do often you can even make a shortcut on the History screen, "#shareWithJane" to make it easier for you to quickly search for these items. You can use this process with entries you make to make it easier to find them in your history. Also, when searching for your mood entries in history you can search for terms like "mood good", "mood poor" or "mood effect positive" to further filter the search results that are returned. To learn more about using Moodfit with a therapist, click here.
  • How can I analyze my mood entries?
    There are many ways to analyze the mood entries you have saved in your Moodfit history. One thing you can do is go to the History screen and enter search terms such as: - mood - mood good - mood effect positive to have the search results filtered to entries that contain those terms. So, for example to see your mood entries where you mood is "good" you would enter "mood good". The main way to analyze your mood entires is on the Insights screen. There you can do many things including: - chart your mood over different periods of time - compare your mood to other variables like sleep or nutrition, or to the use of a tool like gratitude - see a Mood Effect chart that shows the Mood Effect entries you have made for different items - see the distribution of your mood entries over different periods of time, i.e. what % of your entries were "Good" or "Poor" - see your mood entries based on day of week or time of day You can share any of these mood charts by SMS or email, or save them as a CSV file.
  • How do I get Moodfit reminders to show as notifications?
    Go to Settings and turn on "Show as notifications." Also, make sure that your device's Settings are set to allow Moodfit to show notifications. On iOS: go to Settings/Notifications, find Moodfit, and make sure "Allow Notifications" are on. On Android: - go to Settings/Apps/Moodfit/Notifications, and turn on "Allow notifications". - go to Settings again, in the Search box at the top enter "special", then click on "Special access", then "Alarms & reminders", then turn on the toggle next to Moodfit. Sorry, it's a bit of a pain due to how Google has set up things to allow for notifications at specific times.
  • How do I get the Moodfit reminders to show/hide on my Home screen?
    Go to Settings and turn on/off "Show on home screen."
  • How do I change my reminders?
    Go to the Tools screen, then select the Reminders tool. There you can select a theme, e.g. "Affirmations" or "Motivation", and you can add your own custom reminders, and even specify the day and time you'd like to receive those reminders. You can use more than one theme at a time. Each time you select a theme you'll be asked if you want to replace your current reminders, or add the new reminders to your current reminders. Also, Moodfit will ask you every few weeks if you'd like to update your reminders in order to keep them fresh.
  • How do I track medications?
    Go to the Activities screen. Select "Medications", then select "Add Medication". You can then specify if you want a particular medication to be a daily goal or not. To save a medication to your history, select the medication(s) from the "Medication" activity and click "Save". You can also chart your medication entries on the "Insights" screen.
  • How can I delete a medication I have made in my medication list?
    To delete a medication in your medication list go to the Medication screen (go to Activities then Medications). Then swipe left on the medication. This won't affect any medication entries in your history.
  • Why aren't Premium features showing up in my account?
    If you believe your account should have access to Premium features and they are not showing up, go to the Settings screen in Moodfit and select "Restore Purchase."
  • How do I reset Moodfit?
    If you're having an issue where you believe Moodfit isn't behaving properly, the first thing to try is to update to the latest release. Next, if needed select the "Reload" icon on the Home screen. If it's a purchase related issue select "Restore Purchase" in Settings. If that doesn't resolve the issue, try signing out then back into your account.
  • Why can't I export my history by email or CSV?
    If you're having issues exporting your history by email or CSV (which utilizes email), make sure you have a default email application selected your device. (Note, this is an application, not the default email account.) The Moodfit mechanism requires this default email application be in place. Also, if you're not getting as many items exported as desired, make sure you have loaded into your History a sufficient range of entries. Load more as needed.
  • Why don't notifications show up on my Android device?
    Recently Google made a change to Android 14 which makes it more difficult to have notifications triggered at exact times. We are working on a fix for this to let you control these times. In the interim there is a way for you to manually tell Android you want to control these exact times. A. Go to Android settings app. B, In the search box, type in “special.” C. The item “Special access” comes up. Select it. D. Select “Alarms and Reminders.” E. Moodfit is in the list, enable the toggle.
  • What are the current open issues with the app?
    Here are the issues we're aware of and actively fixing: • Mood streak on the Home Screen: On your first day you may get a zero even if you've entered a mood. It will resolve itself after your next mood entry. • Custom Activities may appear on Home Screen as "Null." You can still make entries of these Custom Activities by going to the Activities screen and selecting them. • Daily goals section of Home Screen may disappear. Try restarting the app.

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