Reduce Stress in Your Day - Why Calendars Can Be Better Than To-Do Lists

Updated: Sep 27, 2021

How we approach the tasks of our day can have a big influence on how much stress or satisfaction we derive from them, and ultimately what results we achieve. This is especially important when we’re in a low mood and feeling stressed, anxious or depressed.

Let’s compare two approaches to the tasks you want to accomplish in a given day.

To-do list

The To-Do List Approach:

This is the traditional approach where you have one or more big To-Do lists. You put items on the list and then check them off each time you complete one.

The problem is this type of To-Do list can produce stress (see below). Stress causes poor decision making, lowers productivity and can lead to procrastination. And of course, the less productive you are, the more stress you may feel - a bad cycle.

Here are some of the specific issues with traditional To-Do lists:

  • They can feel never ending and give insufficient acknowledgement of accomplishments. If there are 50 things on your list and you complete on